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My Work

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Published Work


"Safe Passage" - Chapbook/Zine, Radical Paper Press (Oct 2019)

"Fog" - Chapbook, Bloof Books (April 2019)

Self-Published: "System" - Chapbook, CreateSpace (2018)

Creative Work

Sunday Dinner, - Texas Review (Print)

Two Straws in a Malt - Across The Margin

Notes on Safety -  Herstory

A Murder - Laurel Moon (Print)

And The Little Black Girl in Glasses Says, “I’M A BAD B***H, YOU CAN’T KILL ME” - The Pinch Journal

Middle School - Protean Mag

Smother -

3 Poems - Issue 1: Beside the Clock’s Loneliness, The Confessionalist

Lights - Protean Mag

Metaphor at 12:47am - Issue 10, Apartment Poetry

Stages of Grief - May 2016 Issue, The Grief Diaries

A Murder - "Every Day We Lit" (Print), Columbia University HSP Literary Magazine

Reviews & iNTERVIEWS


awards & honors



Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) 2021 Awards, Second Place


The Dramatics Club of St. Louis Prize


Harriet Schwenk Kluver Award

Each week our editors will promote a single author, reprinting a selection of work from their published collection. Think of it as a kind of “Best Dressed” feature, without the tabloid snark.

Second Place in Division 1 for the 2021 year. Article title: None of this was meant for me.

Essay Title: “Macbeth and King Henry IV: The Dichotomous Nature of Royal Authority and Gaining Legitimacy Through Performance”

In 1929, this prize was established to encourage creative work in the study of dramatic literature. The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students and awards two $1,000 prizes.

As encouragement to excellence in writing, Mrs. Kluver, a Washington University alumna, established prizes of $1000 to be awarded to each of two freshmen winners for a single piece of fiction, creative non-fiction, or critical prose composed in any of his or her classes, not simply in Freshman Composition.

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