21 Love Poems: #1

I wake from a deep dark sleep. I know I have been gone for so long.

Later, the gun will find us and

shatter this wall we have made for each other. I know not what I dreamed:

I’ve forgotten it all. In its place: black and white,

I’ve been tossing and turning for years,

Pillows, blankets, hopes are strewn around the room,

But I wanted to go back into this dark hole

In which I do not see the mess I’ve made. But I insomnia

Shakes me now. You were there in

My dream. I do not remember it,

I think, remembering is a blood letting that never ends…

And I weep and blink my eyes to

No avail. I sleep not, for everyone I love,

I am, is almost dead

Almost allowed to come up for air, which is not difficult,

Which is not allowed of anyone darker than day.

after Adrienne Rich

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