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"Black Students and Activists, It's Not Up to Just Us to Save the World, So Go Easy on Yourself"

Articles In The POSTSCRIPT

(The Park School Of Baltimore's Student nEWSPAPER)

Articles in StudLife

(Washington University Student Newspaper)

"Why aren't we talking about Charlottesville?" Sept. 2017


"Understanding of privilege is hard, but essential" June 2017

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"Why do white people fail to show up?" Dec. 2017


"It's important to honor Black History Month" March 2016

Audience and Lecturer

A case against the devil's advocate

Why I don't believe in "solidarity" anymore

Why I didn't want to go to WILD this year

A case for cancel culture

Empty Classroom

Wishing everyone safety during this pandemic. Yes, everyone.



Writer (2014) - Postscript

Editor (2016) - Postscript

Intern (2016) - The Baltimore Times


Staff Writer (2019) - Student Life

Freelance Writer (2018-2019) - JMWW

Journalism Intern (2020) - She's Single Media

Freelance Writer (2020) - PopSugar


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